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February 9-11, 2024 — Westin Boston Seaport District

Author Alley

This is a program that Boskone is offering to authors.  If you want a place to interact with the public for just a few hours a day or if you don’t have enough to sell to be a good fit for the Dealers Room this might be for you!  The Author Alley is table space (with a chair) for 2 hours at a time for authors to meet and be seen in the main area of the convention. Boskone hopes that this will allow more of our author community to engage with interested readers, other authors and everyone else at Boskone.


Do I need to have a membership to participate in Author Alley?  

Yes.  You must have a valid Boskone membership to participate in Author Alley.  Day memberships for the days you participate are acceptable if you do not plan to attend the entire weekend.  If you wish to purchase your membership before Boskone weekend here is the link.

How many time slots may I sign up for?

Boskone limits the time slots available to 2 per author.  You may sign up for 2 slots “back-to-back” or 2 slots at different times during the convention.  Please plan to be at your space for the entire time you signed up for.

What are the hours of Author Alley?


Author Alley will be available from 5 PM – 7 PM Friday, 10 AM – 6 PM Saturday and 10 AM – 2 PM Sunday.  Saturday and Sunday time slots will start on EVEN hours.

What, if anything, can I sell in Author Alley?

As this program is specifically for authors only merchandise that relates to above is allowed.  Please do not plan to sell other merchandise in these spaces. If you wish to bring something and are unsure if it is appropriate for this space please email for assistance.

Is there storage available in Author Alley?

No.  You can store your personal items and extra merchandise while using your allotted time slot at your space but plan to remove anything you’re not giving away when you leave.

May I bring a friend to sit with me?

Maybe.  If you are not inconveniencing your neighbor in your shared space and you can locate another chair you may have someone sit with you.  Please share this space in accordance with the purpose of it.

I’m not an author; however, what I have is author-adjacent (editing, publishing, proofreading).  Am I a good fit for this program?

Maybe.  Please email for clarification.

Where do I sign up for Author Alley?

Click here and fill out our form!